1. If you want me to draw some illustrations for you, please, mail me and brief me with the following informations:
    • Illustration purpose (Will it be for education or advertisement? Or maybe for something else?)
    • Audience (Who the illustration is intended for?)
    • Usage and Distribution of the image (What will be the areas of usage of the illustration - e.g. print, animation, internet - and in which countries it will be distributed?)
    • Requirements for Image Licensing (exclusive or non-exclusive? for how long?)
    • Deadline
    • Budget
  2. If I agree to take on the project, we can negotiate the fees and terms and then sign the contract. After that you will be requested to pay the deposit. Usually it is 30-40% of the contract value.
  3. The next step is to prepare the rough skeches based on the brief. Corrections, if needed, are made.
  4. Once the skech is accepted, I can prepare the final artwork. When it is finished, I will send you low resolution preview of the image for approval.
  5. There may be some minor revisions at this point, however, major changes at this stage of the project require additional funds.
  6. After image approval an invoice will be issued.
  7. When the invoice is paid, a high resolution illustration will be sent to you.