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My name is Magda and I am an artist. I specialize in creating illustrations and visualizations in the fields of human and animal anatomy, surgical procedures and biology. I also love drawing plants and natural history illustrations very much. My works appeared in many textbooks, scientific brochures, posters and human anatomy atlases. Some of my them were made for magazines and scientific publications. I often cooperate with scientific publishers as well as educational units. However, these are not my only clients. I also work with physicians and scientists.


I am a biologist, too. As one of the few people in Poland I create scientific illustrations. This is a very specific field of art, in which not only good artistic skills are important, but also the ability to acquire a very wide scientific knowledge and then transfer it into picture.


Over the last 15 years I have developed my own style of drawing with an outstanding attention to detail. However, I am constantly developing new skills.

In 2019 - to confirm my skills - I completed and received a passing grade in "NHI101x: Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101" course organized online by the University of Newcastle, Australia.


I believe that every illustration can be a work of art. Even if it is a hemorrhoids image. Really.